FOUNDER: Samuel Gizaw

Four years ago while I was running an offline business, I could not sustain my business due to the fact that there was a light railway construction going on right in front of my shop. That made it difficult for customers to visit my showroom and do purchases as usual. Consequently, I was forced to close down the business to the point that I was bankrupt and would not be able to continue the business somewhere else. This was the challenging incident that inspired me to start a business solution, by combining my IT knowledge with my business experience.                                                                                  
Educational background in MSc in Computer Science. Now I am a Digital/Social Entrepreneur. I have experience in different fields of work apart from running offline businesses. This includes programming (coding) and program coordination in less served areas of the country. 

DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS ACTIVITIES                                                                                                                   
My business objective is to provide a unique online and offline business solution that links customers with businesses by using cost-effective and optimized product delivery service that works in the Ethiopian context.

- Years in Operation- 3 years 
- Number of Employees 3- 12 (based on need)

The overall country’s challenging conditions for new business/startup/entrepreneurship and unique ideas to takeoff. This includes low conducive environment (which seems now changing) set by the government in terms of policy, legal framework, and lack of incentives to encourage such businesses. Also having a limited budget for running core activities of the business like hiring key stuff; marketing; purchasing items; and scaling up.

- Minimizing cost for customers in finding the products they need in terms of time and money;
- Reaching the underserved community of the country by delivering products to their nearest/ convenient location;
- Contributing to the reading culture of the community by making easy access of books as product,
- Providing market access for small businesses and local product makers especially owned or run by women.


Expand service areas in the city and the country and include products that may be required by customers for easy access especially in the rural/unserved areas of the country. Continue with exporting products abroad to customers by linking them with local suppliers, product makers and the like. Hire more staff and partner up with people & organizations that share the company's vision and mission.

Annual Turnover

Under 500,000 Birr

Amount of Financing Needed (USD)